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How to Age Kylie Minogue (By Hipnoart)
From Kylie to Granma Kylie

By Hipnoart
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I will try to explain how I made the old Kylie in several steps. I wont go into heavy detail but I will explain the Important steps I took. One reason for deciding on making this Tut was because it covers several aspects of PS (Masking, Layer Modes, cloning and more).

Page 1: The Objective

Missy asked me for a Tutorial on this so hopefully IŽll be able to explain more or less the steps that I took
It took me all day to come up with a decent technique and I found that there are numerous ways of achieving a similar result so bare with me on this.
Mind you there is some masking involved but I am not going to explain Masking so youŽll have to read up on it.

The Goal :

To get From THIS

to THIS               

1. First step and my golden rule Duplicate the source

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