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Easy High Contrast Textured Skin Effect
Extreme Bleach Bypass

By AZRainman
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There are many buzzwords to describe this look, such as bleach bypass, psuedo hdr, tone mapping, etc, and there's also dozens of ways to do it. This one is an easy and quick method for Photoshop CS and up.

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For the best results in creating extremely detailed images, use only high resolution sources.
The hi-res Obama photo that was used for this tutorial can be downloaded from here.

Open the Obama image in Photoshop and duplicate its layer.
Select the top layer and go to Image-Adjustments-Shadows/Highlights.


Results of top layer:

Next use the unsharp mask filter twice on the top layer as follows:

First pass:

Second pass:

Results of top layer:

Adjust the Hue/Saturation (the less saturation and the more bleached out it will look):

Set the top layer's blend mode to Overlay:

You can also set the top layer to overlay in the very beginning to see how things are progressing as a whole.

Results of both layers combined:

Optional: use healing, dodge/burn, clone stamp tools for touching up.

Happy Choppin!

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