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Tiger Face Tutorial

By AZRainman
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A method of blending a human face with an animal face. In this tutorial, I will blend Michelle Trachtenberg with a Siberian Tiger. Sources: Trachtenberg Tiger

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First off, open your sources and drag the tiger face onto another layer over Michelle. Select multiply for the layer's blend mode and re-size the tiger to match up with Michelle's face.

Next, erase the tiger's eyes and regions that are outside of Michelle's face, or enable the layer mask mode and mask out those areas. Also, I cloned stamp over the nose region and any other areas that looked odd.

Next, copy and paste other parts of the tiger source to make additional layers to cover her neck in multiply blend mode. Swap out that boring background with a complimentary colored one and adjust the contrast to make the tiger face lay down to become more like Michelle's. You're basically done with the fundamentals at this point and the rest is the time consuming tweaks and reconstruction (8+ hours).

This is where you can make it or break it. It's dependent on how well you can paint or draw, and how well you understand color and light usage. It also takes the longest to hand detail the image and redraw areas of it. The tools that I used most often to redraw/repaint this image were the clone stamp, smudge, and brush. A major factor and usually the last step is making the image "pop". This is done by adjusting sharpness, colors, contrast, etc to show more detail/depth and here's a fine tutorial on making an image "pop".

Those pink lips had to go, so I masked out her lips in quick mask mode and adjusted the colors to blend with the face better. Then clone stamped, dodged/burned, sharpened, and added some noise. Finally after your done with reconstruction, adjust the colors and shades with Photoshop's image adjustments.

You can also get fancy, paste in some ears, and construct a cat like mouth by layering parts of the tiger over Michelle in normal blend mode. In this case, I used some house cat teeth on another layer, painted the front teeth bigger and cut out parts from the tiger source for the upper lip.

Happy hybrid chopping :)

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