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How I made 'Rolling Rock Bottles' (by katiekate)
Shaping objects into text

By katiekate
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In this tutorial, I will explain the steps I took in making this image. I've had a few requests since I did one similar last year, so I finally got around to making it into a tut. Hope you enjoy it!

Page 1: Source image

We’re going to fast forward past the basics of masking and extraction of your image, straight to the warping of the bottles. If you need help with masking etc. there are tutorials available at the main tutorial page of Freaking News.
This tutorial is pretty long and so is the process, but the end result is really cool. Feel free to take any object you want and use this tut with it. If you’d like to use the Rolling Rock bottle, you can find it here photoshop file. jpeg image.
(Note: This image and tutorial were made in/for Photoshop CS2. You could adapt the instructions for PSP, but I have not provided any instrauctions for anything but CS2)

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