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The Bezier curves

By hygglobert
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This mini tutorial will teach how to cut and paste with absolute precision. If you haven’t used the Pen tool before this will be hard and take some time, but when you know the technique you will be able to make perfect selections within seconds. The Pen tool is difficult to learn but I promise you it will be worth your while. The Bezier curves are vectors jointed by anchor points. The anchor points have handles that controls the curves. Paths are vectors and not pixels and can be scaled up and down in size and transformed without loosing quality. There are numerous vector tutorials, but this is how I learned to play with vectors and it teaches you the very basics. We will make a path around the “three” with 17 anchor points. You can cheat and make 300 anchors points, but you will not learn how to master the beastly Bezier curves.

Page 1: Point one

Download this image (right-click/save image as...)

Select the Pen tool.

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