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Square tire

By hygglobert
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Shape shifting something familiar like a round tire can give you a striking and unexpected effect. This tutorial can be applied to anything round – balloons, oranges, heads and when you’re at it you can also go the other way round and make something cubical round. This trick utilises the newly implemented Warp tool in Photoshop CS2. Now there is an easy way to turn something round into a square using Warp. Select the round object and apply Transform/Warp/Inflate (Set bend to 100). Though the method is too destructive for this tire, we will still make use of the Warp tool and the Smudge tool to create the square tire. This tutorial was originally written for Ilex Press book "Surreal Photography 2" which will be out next year, please remember to check it out if you find this tutorial useful. This is a slightly shortened version. Some of the images do suffer from the downsampling from 300 dpi and you have to find your own source images...

Page 1: Square one

Because this chop is tricky to pull off, I presume you have some basic PS skills and know your way around the layer palette. Let's get started and good luck!

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