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2nd place, but no credits rewarded?

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6/15/2011 11:29:27 AM
Status: Burger Flipper
2nd place, but no credits rewarded?

I got 2nd place in a recent contest and still have yet to receive my credits that I was supposed to be awarded. Why is this? Does anyone know?
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6/15/2011 12:03:52 PM

Status: Commander in Chief
you usually have to sign out of FN then sign back in for them to show buddy
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6/15/2011 2:09:04 PM

Status: Commander in Chief
Yes, sign out and sign back in surely updates the credits. To be more exact, credits are updated (in your account) no matter whether you sign out and sign back in, but you may not instantly see this update because of some caching issues...

Anyhow I have replied to you by email too and showed you that your account had the right number of credits.

[Edited by User on 6/15/2011 2:07:21 PM]
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Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.

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