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Stern.de features FN

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9/20/2007 8:14:19 AM

Status: Commander in Chief
Stern.de features FN

Online version of the major German magazine Stern published the article featuring FN and a mix of pictures from our two Face Transplants contests.

The article is in German, but I could translate the title of the artucle:
FreakingNews.com - Welcome to horror show.

Thanks to all who entered the face transplants contests and congratulations to freakers whose works got selected for this publication.
Comments: 99153
Contest Entries: 14
Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.
9/20/2007 9:18:43 AM

Status: Commander in Chief
Cool, now we need Asia to publish

Here's the translated link in english
Comments: 5946
Contest Entries: 1145
"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity." -George Carlin

9/20/2007 10:51:19 AM

Status: Commander in Chief
Good translation link, Rain! While Google automati translation is not perfect I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article!
Comments: 99153
Contest Entries: 14
Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.

9/22/2007 5:14:59 AM

Status: Secretary of Transportation
I can't believe what publicity FN is getting with this contest, we should do more contests like this...

Congrats Newsy on a Great Job...
Comments: 1788
Contest Entries: 143
The choices we make dictate the life we lead...

9/22/2007 8:41:05 AM

Status: Commander in Chief
Way Cool!!!
Comments: 4198
Contest Entries: 369
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