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Van Gogh

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3/28/2019 3:56:12 PM

Status: Commander in Chief
Van Gogh

Interesting story on the contest description. But Patricia Cornwell, popular mystery/detecting story writer, wrote a book "solving" the Jack the Ripper murders. She pointed out that Van Gogh sliced off his ear in the Winter following the JTR murders - and VG mailed his sliced off ear to a prostitute, Rachel, whom he was fond of, who serviced him often. She posited that VG felt sympathy for prostitutes, or "working women" as they were also called, who were JTR's victims in White Chapel, London. He sliced off his ear in tribute to all WW, and particularly to those 5 (or more) who were victims of JTR, who famously took parts of the women he slashed.

I think this is more probable than the one on the front page, but to each her own.

What theory do YOU favor, as to why Van Gogh sliced off his ear?

POLL: Which reason below (or other and tell your own) do you think belonged to "why did Vinnie slice off his ear?"

0% 0 votes0 votes He was nuts, no one knows why
0% 0 votes0 votes Agree with front page idea
0% 0 votes0 votes Agree with idea told here, as a tribute to a prostitute
0% 0 votes0 votes He had a bad ear ache
0% 0 votes0 votes He thought it would make him sympathetic and he'd sell more art
0% 0 votes0 votes He liked bandages and nurses, not necessarily in that order
100% 2 votes2 votes Other

2 people have voted.
Poll has ended on 3/30/2019 3:54:04 PM
Comments: 1714
Contest Entries: 614
3/28/2019 7:19:52 PM

Status: Commander in Chief
Maybe he was tired of Hearing People's Crap, makes me sometime, wanting to do the same!
Comments: 7441
Contest Entries: 1929
A penny saved is... all we'll have when the Government is done with us.

3/29/2019 2:51:52 AM

Status: Senator
I believe Dr. Rita Wildegan's account that colleague and housemate Paul Gauguin, an expert fencer with a bad temper, cut off van Gogh's ear during an argument. In her book Van Gogh's Ear / The Pact Of Silence she lays out the facts of the matter. Here is thePrincipal Findings of her years long study.
Comments: 2160
Contest Entries: 28

4/2/2019 12:02:15 PM

Status: President
It's a valiant story Icy so it's not likely to be true. I'm siding on the Gauguin making salami out of Gogh's ear.
Comments: 1751
Contest Entries: 231
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