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Check out my art game

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4/13/2017 10:06:52 PM

Status: City Council Representative
Check out my art game

Hi Everyone!
I'm so glad that Freaking News is going to stay open. I haven't had much time to participate with school. I wanted to share my senior project with you that is currently on display in a gallery. It's called Iktomi's Web and it's based on Surrealism and dreams. Go check it out and download here: https://katrinaschmelter.itch.io/iktomis-web

(Moderator note: made the link clickable)

This comment was edited by a moderator at 4/14/2017 10:01:42 AM.
Comments: 225
Contest Entries: 90
If practice makes perfect, but nobody's ever perfect, what's the point in practicing?
4/15/2017 12:50:22 AM

Status: Commander in Chief
heyyy that's really cool ,,, you became amazing artist lately my friend keep it up
Comments: 5810
Contest Entries: 197

7/2/2017 10:41:32 AM

Status: Commander in Chief
Fantastic Game!!!
Comments: 7224
Contest Entries: 1906
A penny saved is... all we'll have when the Government is done with us.

7/2/2017 9:41:19 PM

Status: Commander in Chief
Very Cool
Comments: 5217
Contest Entries: 109
If it was easy anyone could do it!

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