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Viral Thursday

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6/22/2010 7:35:55 AM
Status: Commander in Chief
Viral Thursday

as i rumage past old fn pics like,

u can obviously see a trend in the pics that really go viral. Im talkin Conspiracy/Foolery chops, i think we should bring in a weekly viral style contest so the mix of photoshop talent and styles can continue to expand as well as it alrdy has on FN.

the floods gates would be open for all those possible "is it real or fake" chops eg. Trailer Park Fixes, Unusual Sponsors, Bad Engrish, Large/Unusual Sightings... the list goes on, all the contest would ask is that u make a chop that could possibly fool the world.

Explinations in authurs comments and a "main source" would be very benificial as without these voting could be difficult, but image quality would not always help the chop as much as chop matching quality would. (ever seen a clear BigFoot?)

well just putting this idea out there, i think it opens field for "non topazers" and might gather a new range of conspiracy/funster viewers.
Comments: 1096
Contest Entries: 305
Will work for Beer and free Tattoos
6/22/2010 9:20:53 AM

Status: Commander in Chief
That's an awesome idea sid.
Comments: 3144
Contest Entries: 866
Gold Trophies Are A Girl's Best Friend

6/28/2010 4:19:22 AM

Status: Commander in Chief
Pure choppage????? Heaven forbid hahahahhaah!!!!!!!!
I'm game
Comments: 17245
Contest Entries: 1280
Hitspinner the Wise

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