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5/4/2010 2:43:48 PM
Status: Commander in Chief
New Contest Idea? ...

I saw this Pic, and Thought, "This is Something like Doxie would Do!"

Making Animals look like other Animals.
Comments: 1401
Contest Entries: 275
5/4/2010 6:51:44 PM
Status: Commander in Chief
Bit like this contest yeh?

Comments: 16532
Contest Entries: 291

5/9/2010 10:39:27 PM
Status: Burger Flipper
Hey, its looking imagine . Looking like Zebra. please tell me what is this?

[Edited by Moderator on 5/10/2010 1:09:04 AM]
Comments: 1
Contest Entries: 0

5/11/2010 10:22:46 AM

Status: Commander in Chief
Yeah, that I do, but without photoshop! LOL. I have enough dog costumes to start my own store.

Luv the Zebra.

by the way, am going to get Topaz fixed tonight I hope -- I have issues with it being on CS5, like I can't install it right. This little hiccup is stopping me from photoshopping plus other crap (life!).
Comments: 5042
Contest Entries: 331

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