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Space Shuttle '69

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7/25/2014 8:42:36 AM
Status: Presidential Chief of Staff
Space Shuttle '69

A minor detail, I suppose, but in addition to several misspellings, the sample image for the Moon Landing Hoax contest twice refers to the Space Shuttle, which hadn't even been conceived in 1969!

Now THAT would be one HELLUVA obvious conspiracy, having Armstrong step off a non-existent spacecraft onto a mock lunar landscape.

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7/25/2014 3:44:36 PM

Status: Commander in Chief
You are right, the Space Shuttle reference was a factual mistake in that chop (some text misspellings too, like "steping" instead of "stepping"). However, we decided to publish this chop in its unchanged form as the author made it. After all, FN chops are meant to distort reality and create hoaxes
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Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.

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