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Occupy Wall Street around the World

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10/5/2011 12:44:04 PM

Status: Commander in Chief
Occupy Wall Street around the World

Hello everyone , Chili here & i've been involved with a few OWS protests already here in Europe (Amsterdam) to support Occupy Wall Street I would really like to see other ideas from people around the world of posters they would take to these Occupy Wall Street Events. Like say , major hollywood people taking a sign , political figures , ect . You got my point . Thx all

POLL: What is your view on Occupy Wall Street ? For or against ?
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Truly great madness can not be achieved without using Photoshop
10/5/2011 3:19:50 PM

Status: Secretary of Labor
I am one of the 99% that's for sure........
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10/6/2011 5:29:27 AM

Status: Commander in Chief
This post has been up for 24 hours & i see it's really popular. Wowwwwww ,makes me think about who really cares, in this world we live in !!!!! Sad .
Comments: 1696
Contest Entries: 327
Truly great madness can not be achieved without using Photoshop ;-)

10/8/2011 2:27:01 AM

Status: Commander in Chief

And I care. But how I feel about it? Is there a point? A game plan? A "do this and we can all go home"?

I feel like I came into the story late. Don't know how it started, who is organizing, IF anyone is organizing and all the questions above. I hear Fox News disparaging it (not my choice to watch Fox, it's on in this house due to others wishes) and so I think "I must be FOR IT!" ... but I don't know what IT is. Not to be Bill Clinton, but it depends on the definition of "it" ...
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10/8/2011 6:43:31 PM

Status: Commander in Chief
Down with capitalism,a fair share for everyone,more green jobs and
just send my check yesterday, I don't feel like working anymore.
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10/11/2011 12:35:54 PM

Status: Presidential Chief of Staff
I didn't even know about this whole OWS thing. But, I just did a little research. In my opinion, nobody should be able to just receive handouts unless you were disabled or something and had a good reason. I believe in working for what you get. Sure, the economy is bad. But that's because of outsourcing and importing. Instead of keeping money in America and keeping our jobs in America, we pay cheaper prices to receive imported goods and pay 10 people from a foreign country what one American would earn. Therefore, millions are out of work and can't afford to spur the economy. Many people are left homeless or barely making it. There is no middle class anymore. So don't blame it on Wall Street; blame it on the large companies who outsource all the jobs and import all the materials leaving America broke.
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In your reflection what do you see? False fault or a masterpiece? But a masterpiece starts with a single stroke and empires start in an open field.

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