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Photoshop techniques

Win7 and Pen Tablet Cursor's Animated Nonsense

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8/31/2010 5:46:53 AM

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Win7 and Pen Tablet Cursor's Animated Nonsense

Seems there's some odd stuff in setting up Wacom tablets on Windows 7 with CS5, so here's some tips.

Ring around the sliders

The cursor wants to draw an animated blue ring around CS5 sliders when you try to adjust them. This also stalls the pen and you begin to curse at the machine. To get rid of that slow motion animated lunacy:

- Click the Windows start button
- Type in Pen and Touch, and click it
- Highlight "Press and hold" under Pen actions
- Click the Settings button
- Uncheck the box for "Enable press and hold for right clicking."
- Click OK and OK

Raindrops keep falling on my photos

When touching the tablet with the pen, a raindrop or splash effect appears. This can be extremely annoying when using Photoshop tools that require a lot of clicks/taps, like the polygon lasso tool. To get rid of this animated annoyance:

- Click the Windows start button
- Type in Run and click it.
- Type in gpedit.msc and click OK
- Click User Configuration (left side).
- Navigate thru the folders of Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Tablet PC, and Cursors.
- Click Turn off pen feedback.
- Check the circle to Enable and then click OK.

Help my pen is stuck and can't get up

If you find that your Wacom Bamboo pen/tablet only works on half a screen or is as slow as a turtle in a Saharan sand storm, you can reset your preferences to restore it back to being useful.

- Open the control panel and click Hardware and Sound
- On the last line is the Bamboo Tablet Icon
- Click Remove Preferences
- Click Remove button under All User Preferences
- Click the Windows start button
- Type in Bamboo Preference File Utility and click it
- Click Remove Preferences
- Click Remove button under All User Preferences

Microsoft ate my dingo

If it's still borked up, cause you plugged in the tablet and Bill Gates Inc. sabotaged it with their brand of drivers.

- Unplug the Tablet from the USB port
- Uninstall all the Wacom drivers in the Control Panel's Programs and Features
- Reboot
- Install the Wacom drivers and plug in the tablet.

Still stuck? Call Wacom Customer Service and tell them Steve Ballmer sent you.

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