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Photoshop techniques

Which Photoshop Online Alternative You Guys Use

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2/9/2015 8:26:47 AM
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Which Photoshop Online Alternative You Guys Use

hey guys i am learning photoshop editing, But due the fact that i cannot afford right now i am looking for some photoshop alternative which has similar function and features like real photoshop, Or any other editor which is free and i can learn easily and then when i can afford i move to real photoshop.
My friend has shared me http://www.toolpic.com which seems to be good alternative but it is a browser based But i am Looking for Dekstop- version like real photoshop. I i am wasting time in that.

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2/9/2015 3:25:23 PM

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The Gimp is free and used by some of the members.
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2/21/2015 9:06:52 PM
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Ching Liu CS6 RAR - Google
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