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Photoshop techniques

Various Ways to Control Lighting

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12/13/2014 12:04:39 AM

Status: Commander in Chief
Various Ways to Control Lighting

I'm starting to understand the use of "exposure" control to possibly make an object seem more 3D than 2D. Just thought I'd post the question: what tools do you feel work best to add/work with lighting in a chop?

I'll share this procedure. When I have a source picture that is too dark or the lighting is too severe, I do the following five steps and make it more usable:

1. Duplicate the layer
2. On the duplicate layer, desaturate
3. On the DL, Invert
4. On the DL, gaussian blur to 42-45%
5. Change blend mode of DL to "overlay"

Then you can modify the opacity until it looks right. Blues tend to create halos, so you have to watch for that and lower opacity on those sections.

Hope this helps, hope others are willing to share tips, too.

I find most chops live or die by lighting work.

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12/23/2014 9:17:28 PM
Status: Commander in Chief
try this.

set duplicate layer to Screen, add a layer mask, invert the layer mask. Paint with White Paint at various opacities with a Soft Brush on the Layer Mask. Use Levels on the Layer Mask to Brighten or Darken the Effect.

Adavanced Eposure Control

try the above effect set to screen

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12/28/2014 12:05:03 PM

Status: Commander in Chief
Thanks! Will try it.

Did you try mine?
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8/14/2018 11:26:28 AM

Status: Joe Taxpayer
birds love animals

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animals and birds all together in the yeahafrican

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