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Site News

By NewsMaster @ 6/16/2017 2:53:52 AM

Hi, guys
I am assisting FreakMaster with porting the site to the new server. The new DNS pointing to the new server should propagate within the next 24 hours. That means, depending on how fast it happens, and how fast your ISP updates DNS, some of your entries/votes/posts within the next 24 hours may end up on the old server.

Therefore I added extra 24 hours to the current contests, so you will have a chance to submit entries again on the new server, in case your submit ends up on the old server.

There may be some minor bugs on the new server after the switch too. (E.g. email notifications and site messaging are not working yet, but should be shortly). The reason is - some code needed to be rewritten for the new system.

I have also reset the cache for all the contests, which will make the new site quite slow for the next 24 hours.

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An Introduction
By FreakMaster @ 4/23/2017 7:31:59 AM

Hello everyone! I am FreakMaster, I will be operating FreakingNews in the future taking over from NewsMaster.

First, we should all give Newsy a great big THANKS. He has worked on FN tirelessly for over a decade and put his time, resources, and mind into everything that has made the site such a fun place over all these years. THANK YOU Newsy!

Second, I would like to ask you some questions that will help the site in terms of operations and functionality, and perhaps make a few changes that will make the site into a place that will attract new members and hopefully increase participation and growth.

The mission behind FreakingNews was always to create a community of members that could create images (funny, serious, artistic) driven by the news. In the past years we have seen amazing images created, some have become so viral as to make social impacts. Other images could be deemed works of art, worthy of hanging up in a Museum. Either way, the news and current events were to be the catalyst to drive the creative process here.

Given that, I would appreciate your open comments in the thread. What things would you like to see changed? What areas do you feel the site should pay attention to? General comments please.

Finally, I am putting up a poll regarding the issue of Credits and the process for "wins" here at FN. As far as the financial aspect it isn't an issue, but the operational aspect of processing and maintaining this area of the site can become a bit of a hindrance.

So, please take the poll, and comment below.

As far as FreakMaster goes, I would like you to know I call you all my friends, and promise to try my best to make the site as entertaining, functional, and friendly as it has been during NewsMaster's reign.


POLL: When it comes to CREDITS...

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