James Dean Alien
James Dean Alien
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      • Hidden: In western TV films, who do you feel your guy is most like..
      • .... James Dean makes a cool alien..
      • Dean. That's who I thought it was but didn't want to say....
      • Yes it is James Dean. I am pleased you all like it, thank you.
      • Cool. would be nice to see source pics though.
      • Great work as usual, user 20474. (you should post your sources elsewhere if you really want to stay 'hidden' during the contests, man, as the url of your source contains your user number at FN).
      • Thanks. Well, I really stopped caring, Paul. In a few contests I remained invisible just to determine if people were voting high or voting low just because they though it was me. But I didn't really have to do that as I figured out a couple of simple ways to deduce who votes for whom, when and how much and got a pretty clear picture of my staunch supporters and those that would not miss me if I vaporized In the final, I can't hide from anyone on here anymore than Rain, Funk, HoHouse, JerryL, Jeremix, Sassydeb, Killer, KIR, Hamid, You, Doxi, I'm leaving out at least 50 ... we all have distinctive styles and quirks. Even Kratos is always Kratos even when he's being somebody else So, is there really any point. I'd much rather sign the chops and forget about who did what. They're supposed to be judged on the chop, not the chopper but that concept is just an ideal, not a reality when everybody knows everybody But it confounds the noobs, eh .
      • I don't think that my own style is very recognizable yet (maybe it will be in a few weeks as I will soon buy a cheap Wacom graphic tablet and my chops should be more distinctive then, I suppose)... but yes, most of the choppers that you mentioned are easily identifiable by their own style with or without some other clues... and I know what you mean about one among them. I don't know exactly how fair are other members in their ratings when they've identified the author of a chop. I try to be as fair as possible each time, but I guess that it's not the case for everybody here (that's human nature.). I just would like that those who give bad marks (below than average for instance) to decent and good chops dare to explain what they don't like, but I'm probably asking too much here. Anyway, my remark about your user number included in the URL of your source file was not written only for you but for other members who read the comments and who sometimes do the same...
      • Yep, point taken and well made. I for one am all for favoritism when it's me...... And I think because I am a sweet, cantankerous old fart I might have even gotten a sympathy vote once in a blue moon but in honesty, I think favoritism is pretty rare here and the votes always seem screwy to me if I don't place in the top 4, but I think the high Karma voters didin't get high karma because they're cheaters, least wise, they don't stay high Karma long. Only a fool comits unethical acts and thinks he/she will be able to hang around and remain part of the group. Eventually the cheaters will do something to remove themselves from the group if they are destructive... along similar lines as a thief that has to leave an area because deep down he knows he's a contamination. I don't see that happening here. Well, we sure have turned this thread into semi-instant chat hahahahahaha oh well, it's all fun
      • WOw Fantastic work here , but I surprised about your words ( Even Kratos is always Kratos even when he's being somebody else ) I don't really understand it ... did I became another one ... if you can explane for me please...
      • Hmmmm I replied to this but it is gone. I meant sometimes one can't tell the difference between you and other choppers, Kratos. You mimic certain styles fairly flawlessly, particularly AZ and it's difficult to tell the difference. But mostly you have your own these days.
      • Looks like me before I have my coffee Excellent work.
      • I freaking love it. One of the best alien chops I've ever seen
      • Silver congrats, Hitman. This was definitely another hit.
      • Awe inspiring work Hitman, thanks for providing the sources. Nice coloration and caricature of Jimmy. Overall great chop. Wonder what he'd look like if he was alive today. Maybe a theme for a future contest.... I like your views on karma
      • lot's of comments, congrats on the silver Hit, one for my paranormal site for sure. And yes, Hit has a style all his own. I think it would be cool if we were allowed to sign our own chops after the contest is over and even edit them later on down the road. But as Trey Parker put it so well. "There are many things I would change about the early South Parks knowing what I know now, I would have done this and that differently, but that would be changing history."
      • Great work---and a well deserved trophy, Hitz. Personally, I work at being a chameleon. I go through stylistic phases, but try to keep trying new things--so my entries don't become obviously mine.
      • Hahahha yeah, I just got back from work and saw 35 comments.... I love comments. The only people I ever talk to is Joni and the cat and the cat is a lousy conversationalist and Joni only talks to me when the trash needs to go out Signing chops would be great but I see a little danger in that if the sources aren't altered and burried to unrecognizability, could flash back with some ... ed off artist of the original source. But on stuff that is clearly original, hey... I was just talking with Doxi about that and why I tend to so dramatically alter some sources. Some are earmarked for commercial purpose such as posters, greeting cards and what not. This chop, if divided, could be considered only 25% of any single source, add the tweaking and what not and that percentage drops even more. I think AZ has the numbers of legal limits on source content on stuff considered for redistribution as a marketable piece. Keep under those limits and there should be no problem with signing our works. I sign everything anyway but I probably have stuck my neck out in doing so a few times.Remembering to drop in credit lines is always smart as well but few of us do that. Anyway, thanks for the comments, all. I love hearing from you guys/gals. I like your idea Funkwood. Aging a single celeb down would be a fun contest and reveal a whole lot of different approaches. Aging a face really tests a choppers limits. It is far harder than it looks and makes one reach preetty deep into the skills bucket.
      • hitman ... the great teacher win again I thought it's for funkwood but then I think it's you ( from the Eyes ) ,truly fantastic work himan ... congrats on the silver and keep up rocking man ..
      • Great chop, great concept... that's how I ranked this one and all the others... congrats Hitspinner, you deserved it.
      • (bump) Maybe this will hit the all time "most comments on an entry" category... Or least be in the top 10...
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