Tom Hardy as Venom in Spider-Man
32 entries - contest ended 5/27/2017

Oscar nominee Tom Hardy will portray the comic book anti-hero Venom in Sony's first-ever feature-length "Spider-Man" spin-off, the studio announced. The casting comes at a critical time for the studio's franchise based on the Marvel Comics' flagship wall-crawler.
You're in the Casting Director's Chair...who would you put in the next Spider-Man? Create images of people you would like to see in the next Spider-Man movie!
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The Queen's Party Outfit
83 entries - contest ended 5/25/2017

The Queen recently got her party on (by which we mean she made a rare nighttime appearance with friends at The Ivy), and was spotted holding a purse. But this wasn't just any basic Birkin Bag—her majesty was seen with a clutch that had what appears to be an image of her sister Princess Margaret (along with her children Lady Sarah Chatto and Earl of Snowdon David Armstrong Jones) on it.
Turn any celebrity or politician into the British Queen! IMPORTANT NOTE: No cartoons or caricatures, try to make your Queen as real and believable as you can!
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Dog Meets Dentures = SMILE
58 entries - contest ended 5/23/2017

This 'smiling' dog ended up with a bizarre grin after clamping its jaws around a discarded set of false teeth. Lucas Alves Magalhăes, from Monte Aprazível, Brazil, found his dog, Pandora, chomping on the dentures after finding them in the garden of his home. The 32-year-old, a deputy headteacher at an agricultural college, said the false teeth appeared to fit perfectly in the animal's mouth.
Give ANY animal a set of HUMAN TEETH. As in this news story, try to make the teeth fit perfectly in your animal's mouth. No Politicians, No Entertainers allowed!
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Sushi Parasite Fears Grow
11 entries - contest ended 5/21/2017

Sushi has a healthy reputation – it can be low fat and high in protein – but a new report serves as a stark reminder that sushi made with raw fish can carry a dangerous parasite. Doctors warn that it's becoming a greater problem in Western countries as more people eat sushi, and they documented one recent case that serves as a cautionary tale where surgeons had to remove a parasite. Ewwww.
Create various types of SUSHI using INSECTS, they can be crunchy, slithery, or cute...but the sushi must contain insects. No overly gross images and, NO politicians or celebrities allowed!
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Out of this World Evolutionary News
12 entries - contest ended 5/19/2017

Will we evolve to adapt to life in space? So Stephen Hawking says we'll need to get off-planet within 100 years. He may be right, or not. We may live on Mars or the moon, or not. Either way, space is physically tough on humans. Will we biologically evolve? Professor Stephen Hawking, a scientist who has taken in his dotage to making regular fear-inducing pronouncements on the future of human existence, says we have 100 years to leave Earth. That's if artificial intelligence doesn't get us first. We face, says Hawking, serious and possibly insurmountable threats through climate change, potential asteroid strikes, overpopulation, and disease.
Will human beings evolve with new features that allow us to do amazing things or survive in new environments or places...or space? Create images of what we might see in human evolution. DO NOT use celebrity or politicians as your source images.
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Land of the Giants
60 entries - contest ended 5/17/2017

The owners of a giant rabbit named Simon who was found dead after a United Airlines flight demanded that the airline pay damages, order an outside investigation and re-evaluate how it handles animals on flights. Attorneys for Simon's owners, who purchased him in hopes of winning the title of world's largest rabbit at the Iowa State Fair this summer, said they would take legal action if United failed to respond within a reasonable time.
How many more giant animals are out there? Create REALISTIC images of oversized animals - no sea creatures or insects
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National Enquirer Lawsuit
12 entries - contest ended 5/14/2017

Fitness guru Richard Simmons has filed a lawsuit against the National Enquirer, Radar Online and the media outlets' owner, American Media, over stories claiming that Simmons is transitioning from a male to a female, according to court documents. The complaint filed asserts that Simmons is the victim of a "particularly egregious and hurtful campaign of defamations and privacy invasions, falsely asserting that Mr. Simmons is transitioning from a male to a female."
Over the years the Enquirer has been wrong but sometimes they've been right! Create National Enquirer covers that might be real...or might NOT be real. Enquiring minds want to know!
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37 entries - contest started 5/27/2017 5:00:00 AM

When Demi Lovato released her latest music video, "No Promises," Twitter reacted - and not just to her vocals. They went in about another detail in the video: her hair, which had some Twitter users calling her out for cultural appropriation because they thought she was wearing dreadlocks.
Oh the controversy of seeing Demi in dreadlocks! Put anyone famous or historic in dreadlocks--from George Washington to George Clooney!
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Old Documents
10 entries - contest started 5/25/2017 5:00:00 AM

A century-old document found inside a box of unarchived records in a southern New Mexico county is shedding a little more light on the shooting death of the Old West lawman who gained fame for killing Billy the Kid. Dated July 9, 1908, the nearly illegible handwritten coroner's jury report refers to the investigation of the death of Pat Garrett, who served as sheriff in Lincoln and Dona Ana counties before being appointed as a customs collector along the U.S.-Mexico border. Garrett died Feb. 29, 1908.
Imagine discovering a document that would solve or explain any of history's biggest mysteries? Show us what documents you would discover, and help the world solve any famous mystery! NOTE: Show us the DOCUMENT only, no people included in your submission.
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